Christianity Vs. Religion

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Christianity is more than just a religion. It is a relationship with Christ as Lord and Savior.

Nevertheless, many people don't understand the difference between religion and true Christianity. Here are a few of the differences.

Christianity Is a Way of Life

Religion is a set of accepted beliefs. It may include the observance of specific holidays or events, but it may still have little impact on how a person lives their life.

Christianity becomes a way of living for a person who has decided to pattern their life after the teachings of Christ. The Christian accepts the Bible as the defining guide for their decisions and actions.

Christianity Is Filled With Grace

Many religions or systems of belief present harsh punishments for failing to abide by preset rules. However, they may offer little opportunity for redemption.

Christianity is filled with grace, which means that a person does not receive the punishment that they deserve for their wrong actions. Instead, Christians believe that Christ has taken the punishment for their sins on their behalf. Thus, they don't have to try to make up for their wrongdoings by paying some type of penance. Instead, they can live a life free from guilt and shame and filled with love and thankfulness.

Christianity Is Not Self-Righteous

Religion can be divisive because it can make some people feel that they are more righteous or correct than others. As a result, followers can develop a sense of religious pride that is polarizing. It can make non-followers feel inferior while encouraging followers to feel superior to others.

Christianity is based in humility. Christians understand that they haven't done anything to deserve the goodness of God. They have simply chosen to accept it.

As a result, Christians often view unbelievers through loving eyes instead of judgmental ones. They understand that their goodness comes from God and not from themselves.

Christianity Is Based in Love

Religion is not always based in love. Instead, its foundation can be rules and expectations.

Christianity is based on the love of God that was displayed when God the Father gave his only son for the salvation of the world. This love and the generosity associated with it becomes central to the Christian experience as Christians are encouraged to give the same type of love that was freely given to them.

Christianity is a wonderful life journey that leads to a close, personal relationship with God. To learn more about the topic of Christianity vs. religion, contact a Christian leader in your local area.