3 Easy Ways to Help Your Kids Get More Out of Church

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While church can be a fun place to gather with friends and socialize, there are some serious aspects of each visit that deserve the full attention of every member of your family. Kids may know that the Lutheran church follows the theology of the German theologian Martin Luther, but sometimes younger children have a challenging time when it comes to comprehending sermons and other lessons of the church. Here are some straightforward ways to help your kids get more out of going to church each Sunday.

Ask Open-Ended Questions to Understand Your Kids' Perspective

Before you can start helping your kids improve their understanding of each sermon, it's important to identify what they already get out of going to church. Try asking your kids the following open-ended questions and address the concerns they bring up with their answers. Ask such things as:

  • Do you agree with what was said in church today?
  • Would you do what the Biblical figure did if the situation were to happen today?
  • What stood out to you the most about the sermon?
  • Can you explain the sermon in your own words?
  • How did the sermon make you feel?
  • What things would help you understand the story more?

Discuss the Important Points of the Sermon After Church

Make it a point to have a family discussion about the church sermon each Sunday. You can start it in the car as you drive home or when you're having lunch after church. Be sure to explain the things that you found to be the most important points and encourage your spouse to do the same. Talking about it in depth in a way that your kids understand will help them retain the information and better comprehend it.

Encourage Questions from Your Children

Asking questions can make all the difference when it comes to being in the dark about something and finding out what is happening. Encouraging your kids to ask questions when they're confused can help set them up to be an advocate for their education in any environment. When it comes to the spiritual instruction that is such an important part of going to church, asking questions is essential. Praise your kids when they ask questions and seek a deeper understanding of the material that's taught in church.

Finally, keep in mind that some sermons will be more interesting and significant to children than others. That's okay, and that's often the case for adults too. Overall, though, it's important to help children interact with others at church and understand more about why church is an important part of spiritual education and growth. With your encouragement and guidance, you can help children fully embrace attending their Lutheran congregation, such as Grace Lutheran Church LCMS. When they feel good about their church, they are likely to feel closer to God and more able to communicate about the spiritual matters they find important.