Have an Elderly Relative Recovering From a Bad Injury or Illness? Find an Assisted Living Center After Hospital Discharge

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If you have an elderly relative who is healing from an injury or an illness, and they need around the clock care, it may be easiest to find them an assisted living center to reside in until they are fully healed. If they will need to have medical care for a few months or longer, and you aren't able to give them all this attention at home because of your job, there are some things you want to consider. Talk with your relative and family about these things to come to a decision.

Therapy and Appointments

If a doctor needs to check in on your relative daily, and they need to have speech therapy, physical therapy, and other types of medical services, it may not be easy to leave them at home. If you have to get back to work and you can't drive them to all these appointments throughout the day, it will be easier if they are already in a facility where they can get taken to their appointments on site or where the medical professionals come to them.

Feeding and Bathing

No person should be left at home if they aren't able to get themselves something to eat and if they can't go to the bathroom on their own. If this is the case with your relative, it's best for them to have medical staff by their side to help take them to the cafeteria area, or to bring them food to their room. You don't want them getting hurt trying to do things on their own at home.

Insurance and Costs

If there is no medical need for your relative to stay at a hospital, then the insurance company won't pay for it, and the hospital doesn't usually have space for long term care. Instead, you want to see if your insurance would cover the cost of an assisted living center instead of an in-home nurse that stops by occasionally because this is the best way to get your relative the care that is necessary. You will save money in the following ways:

  • You don't have to buy medical equipment like a bed or wheel chair
  • Renovations like ramps aren't necessary at your home
  • You'll avoid having to pay someone to watch your relative around the clock in your home

Staying at the assisted living center will be easier for you and your relative and can help them heal more quickly.

If you have to make a decision with how to care for your elderly relative after they are discharged from the hospital, talk with the doctors and find an assisted living center like United Methodist Village