Same Old Sermon: How To Avoid Boring Your Church Congregation With Repetitive Teachings

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Whether you are an ordained minister, spiritual leader, or religious speaker you know the importance of keeping your audience captivated. You also know the challenge of coming up with new and interesting topics to speak about on a consistent basis. How can you keep on top of your spiritual obligations and still create compelling sermons and speeches?

Enlist the help of the internet

Love it or hate it, advances in modern technology make it possible to have easy access to online information with the click of a mouse. You can search for sermon ideas and research topics that Christians are interested in and base your sermon on these topics.

You can also find prewritten church sermons online, which can be a huge help when you have a busy week and don't have adequate time to prepare your own message. While you will likely want to prepare your own unique sermons most weeks, having access to a prewritten and researched sermon is a time saver during those busy weeks when you are speaking at funerals, weddings, or visiting the sick.

Focus on a recent local event

Whether it's a tragic event or a story in the paper about a local hero, people are interested in local events that have impacted their community. You can select scriptures to help members overcome the fear and stress that accompanies a shooting, robbery, or horrible accident.

Focusing on a local hero is a good opportunity to encourage people to set a good example in the community. Let your congregation know that everyone leaves a legacy when they pass from this world. Will their legacy be one they are proud of or one they regret? Focusing on these types of subjects typically requires less research and makes it easy to engage the audience.

Don't be afraid to speak the truth

If you've been called to be a pastor or religious speaker, your calling puts you in a unique position to lead others to the truth of the gospel. However, speaking biblical truth may be offensive to some people. This may cause pastors to avoid speaking about difficult subjects for fear of losing their congregation. Always follow your calling to speak the truth but do so with love and compassion.

People often long to hear the gospel truth taught in a world filled with lies and uncertainty. For many, it's a refreshing change from watered-down versions of scriptural teaching, and this will help to keep your sermons from being boring. You may be the only one who has the courage to speak the truth, and your honesty can open the door to change in a person's life.

You don't need to worry about how to keep your church sermons from being dull and repetitive when you have the vast amount of resources online to help you find relevant topics. There's never a lack of current events in your local community to glean ideas from either, and resolving to stick to biblical truth is a great way to keep your sermons alive and prevent your audience from falling asleep.