There's Light At the End of the Tunnel: How to Look At Suffering in a Positive Way

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The world is in chaos. Many people throughout the world are facing trials and tribulations on a daily basis. Suffering is a natural part of human existence. In fact, very few people have ever experienced a life that was completely void of all suffering. Unfortunately, knowing that suffering is a part of life, doesn't make it any easier to deal with. Some wonder how a loving God would allow suffering to exist. However, most Christians believe that suffering exists as part of the plan for free agency. In fact, most Christians believe that suffering can have a positive effect on their lives. Here are three common beliefs that Christians have about human suffering. 

Suffering Brings Hope

If you look at everything that's going on in the world right now, it's hard to have a positive outlook, especially where suffering is concerned. Many people are suffering from health concerns, poverty, racism, and violence. Because of these issues, it can be difficult to see hope. However, Christians believe that world suffering can bring about hope. This hope comes from the steps you go through when you suffer. For instance, suffering helps you build endurance, especially during the trial. The endurance you gain from the suffering helps build your character. Finally, your ability to overcome adversity, through the development of endurance and character, helps you see hope for the future. 

Suffering Allows Faith to Grow

The world is in turmoil right now, especially with all the suffering that exists. Some people have lost faith in God as a result of the suffering. However, many Christians believe world suffering provides an opportunity to grow in faith. With worldwide suffering, there's an increased desire to bring an end to the turmoil. That's where faith comes into the picture for most Christians. According to Christian beliefs, faith grows as each person comes to rely on God for relief. It's that reliance on God that allows faith to grow during times of suffering. 

Suffering Brings Closeness to God

World suffering is often seen as a form of punishment doled out by an angry God. However, Christian beliefs hold that suffering can actually bring individuals closer to God. Personal sacrifice is one way that suffering can bring you closer to God. For instance, when you volunteer your time to those who are less fortunate, you're able to forget about your own suffering. That selfless act of charity helps to ensure closeness to God through your own suffering.

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