Why Now Is The Right Time To Start Planning For Summer Church Youth Camp

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With summer camp over for the year and the fall season well underway, you may not be thinking about next summer's church youth camp yet. However, it is never too soon to start planning for next summer's youth camping event. Planning ahead has plenty of advantages and will help you be well-prepared when the summer season arrives.

Eliminate stress

There is nothing as stressful as finding yourself lagging behind when planning an event. Planning summer events in fall and winter frees your time up in the spring and early summer when other church events, such as weddings and graduations, may be taking place at your church. You are more likely to create a great camping experience for your youth when you are not feeling pressured to get the job done.

Be more strategic in your planning

Strategic planning with others on your camp committee is easier when you have plenty of time to brainstorm ideas. It allows you time to come up with new ideas and hear the suggestions of others prior to making planning decisions about what special goals you want to achieve at your summer youth camp. It also gives you time to discuss what your youth attendees would like to learn at camp and any activities they would like to see added. 

Schedule special speakers

There is nothing more disappointing than having your hopes set on getting a popular speaker or athlete to appear at your summer camp only to find out they are already booked for the summer. Fall planning gives you the best opportunity to secure special guests and speakers before their schedules fill up for the summer camping season.

Get potential campers excited

Youth love to help plan events and are always excited to promote them. The more potential campers hear about the exciting things planned for next summer's camping season, the more likely they may be to sign up for the event or put it in their digital calendars. Planning summer camp is a great youth group project for the fall and winter months when you need to find creative ways to keep your youth involved when they are stuck indoors.

While fall typically brings thoughts of football season, cooler days, and holiday event planning at church, it is also the best time to plan for summer youth camp events. It is never too early to get summer campers excited about upcoming events. It will also give you peace of mind knowing you are ahead of the game long before next summer arrives.

For more information about summer church youth camps, reach out to a local church service, such as Victory Church.